Sunday, 2 June 2013


Program for Théâtre de la Ville, Paris June 7,8 and 9
Teatro Praga/Chantiers d'Europe Lisbonne-Paris

7th June, Friday

“How to Make a Mask” Performance
In this talk/performance the artist himself, in front of an audience, makes a proposition: to build a mask.

Old School #Paris VASCO ARAÚJO “Dame de…” Sound Installation
New work made especially by Vasco Araújo for the Loge Sarah Bernard. This sound based work will confront the viewer with the space and with the unveiling of a strange narrative…
at Loge Sarah Bernard (Friday and Saturday at 8-10pm and Sunday 6-8pm)

June 8th, Saturday at 8.30pm
June 9th, Sunday at 7pm

Old School #11 VASCO BARATA The Night Watch Video
Images of old film projectors in conjunction with a narrative unveiled through the subtitles – an excerpt of the play “Tomba di Cani” (Tomb of Dogs) by italian author Letizia Russo.

Old School # 4 SARA & ANDRÉ “Kuleshov Effect” Video
“Kuleshov Effect” makes reference to the film editing method demonstrated by Russian director Lev Kuleshov in the beginning of the 20th Century.

Old School #6 ANDRÉ ROMÃO & NUNO DA LUZ  “Capitólio” Video
This video investigates “Capitólio”, an old theatre and cinema now closed, part of the theatre district in the centre of Lisbon, Parque Mayer.

Old School #1 VASCO ARAÚJO “Insula” Video
Insula is about the idea of island as a metaphor of the Human Being, highlighting the notion of one’s inner loneliness as an impulse to the construction and reinvention of its identity.

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